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Beauty Academy (Professional Education for Semi-permanent makeup, Eyelash Extension)BUSINESS

GloviKorea provides on-site practices and various theory lessons based on practice-based knowledge and professional skills due to systematic 1:1 education system. We support for achieving certificates and joining several beauty competitions to assist you to develop knowledge as a Beautyliner.

We have our own techniques of Semi-permanent&Eyelash extension and pursue more differentiated and competitive education than others.

The biggest advantage of Semi-permanent course is that we progress with effective and specific lessons to help you achieve skills and connect to business as a competitor immediately after course.
* On-site practices and theory lessons of general treatments are included for more differentiated treatments without causing side effects comparing to others.

Semi-permanent makeup course

Semi-permanent specialist course: 2~3 times per week Total 30 hours/3 hours per lesson

  • 1st
    Semi-permanent theory
  • 2nd
    Pencil sharpening + How to use Ebony pen, Lining
  • 3rd
    Eyebrow design(Eyebrows in many shapes)
  • 4th
    Eyebrow copying(Drawing equal eyebrows on both sides)
  • 5th
    Rubber pad practice+Lining(Machine technique) How to use pigment 사용법
  • 6th
    Rubber pad practice+Eyebrow, Designing and coloring with machine
  • 7th
    Rubber pad practice+Eyebrow, eyeliner, Lips+Coloring, Designing depending on many different shapes of eyes
  • 8th
    Rubber pad practice+Eyebrow, eyeliner, Lips+Coloring, Learning how to use Embo
  • 9th
    Model practice (Eyebrow, eyelining with Machine and Embo techniques, completing lips)
  • 10th
    Academy course completion test

Special Technique of Eyelash extension course! Our Development of One-Handling Technique! (Simple One-Handling technique)

We developed One-Handling technique and enabled shortest time of 20~30 minutes by one-hand simple exercise. Korean and Japanese patent is acquired. Due to our innovative technique, we provide a systematic education.

Eyelash Extension course (Basic course)

Total 18 hours course/2~3 lessons per week

  • Theory(2hours)
  • Understanding eyelash, characteristics and precautions of treatment, causes and solutions of side effects, eyelash detaching period and about hair root protective treatment
  • Practice(2hours)
  • Kit materials and directions, designing materials, material setting, understanding about use of authorized product and product instruction Mannequin practice1 : How to grab a tweezer, use false eyelash, adjust a glue
  • Mannequin practice2 : Extension on a disposable eyebrow, glue adjusting technique
  • How to remove eyelash(Remover) : Eyelash removal and precautions for side effects (For safe eyebrow removal)
  • Model practice1
  • Model test, total arrangement for treatments

Expert course is not practice-based like other places. We provide systematic, substantive education with our know-how for you to apply from theories to treatment skills. (Basic lessons for general treatments are included in the course)

Eyelash extension course (Expert course)

Total 36hours course/2~3 lessons per week(3hours per lesson)

  • 1.Theory(3hours)
  • Understanding eyelash
  • Characteristics of eyelash treatment(Extension treatment)
  • Precautions after eyelash treatment
  • Causes and solutions of side effects
  • 2_1)Understanding materials(3hours) Kit materials, how to use materials
  •  2)Eyelash perm Mascara type
  •  3)False eyelash Instructions for tweezer and glue
  •  4)Expert course Expert course-Basics of extension treatment and practice
  •  5)Removal Eyelash removal guide : How to use remover(Gel/Cream type)
  • 3_1)Instructions for treatment1(3hours) Using tape, professional technique
  •  2)Instructions for treatment2 Tweezer test → Adjusting an amount of glue → Training
  • 4.Instructions for treatment3(3hours) One-sided tape → Test use for Add technique → OneHandling → Training
  • 5.Instructions for treatment4(3hours) OneHandling test-Designing → Model practice → Performing a design with tapes, taking an angle
  • 6.Stylist course1(3hours) OneHandling test → Designing → Model practice → Using a tape and designing depending on a level of completion
  • 7.Stylist course2(3hours) OneHandling test → Designing → Model practice → Designing with a tape, shaping an edge
  • 8.Stylist course3(3hours) OneHandling test → Designing → Model practice → Model practice-Various designing with a tape
  • 9.Model practice(12hours)
  • 10.Test Academy course completion test

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Group of InstructorsBUSINESS02

GloviKorea Instructors are developing an education system and a training for students with all the efforts.

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GloviKorea makes the best selection of an education for Korean Semi-permanent Makeup & Eyelash Extension.

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