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Welcome your visit to GloviKorea.

인사글 표지

Cosmetics business has been rapidly growing at the prospect of high value-added industry.

Nowadays people without distinction of age or gender pursue beauty and the entire areas of cosmetics are being globally specialized, varied and subdivided.

GloviKorea proceeds Semi-Permanent Makeup Academy, OEM industry of Semi-Permanent Makeup&Eyelash Extension materials and Cosmetics. We provide professional education courses through a differentiated curriculum, a systematic training and an individual lesson. All of our products are made of natural ingredients and they are well known for the highest quality without causing side effects.

Furthermore, our products are being exported as a top brand to many other countries such as China, Mongolia, Russia, Australia.

GloviKorea pursues Korean technology and harmony of beauty that is an innovation. For all artists for art makeup! Glovikorea promises you to contribute to cosmetics industry with our constant research in technology and development. We appreciate all your interest and support. Thank you.

Executives and staff members of GloviKorea.

  • GloviKorea
  • CEO : Kyeongtae Ryu
  • 3F, 147 Deongneung-ro Gangbuk-gu, Seoul
  • TEL : 070-8116-9966
  • Business Licence : 620-16-70669
  • Medical device sales : No. 1286
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