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For global beauty from Korean beauty... The center of Korean beauty trends, GloviKorea accomplishes the newest technology and the best expertise based on our accumulated data and know-how.
2015 Business agreement of Semi-permanent treatment with Jangchun Beauty Salon in China
Export of Semi-permanent natural pigment to Beijing, China
Completion of Semi-permanent academy by 259 students in Shenzhen, China
Business cooperation with western district of Olyimpic Beauty Clinic
MOU contract in Xian, China
Export contract of Semi-permanent/Eyelash materials to Shanghai, China
Completion of Semi-permanent academy by 95 students in Guangzhou, China
MOU contract with Gyareumeungneu Beauty Association in Mongolia
Launch of Semi-permanent/Eyelash Beauty Salon in Chongqing, China
2014 Launch of Eyelash Extension Salon in Gangnam, South Korea
Appointment to judge of Seoul International Human Beauty Clinics Olympic
Advertisement activity in K-Beauty Newspaper
2013 Appointment to International Instructor judge in China Shanghai Beauty Expo
Grand prize award in International Beauty Organization Committee
Launch of natural minklash brand minklash
Launch of second branch in USA
2012 Appointment to judge of Technology Organizing Committee in International Human Olympic
Appointment to Beauty Design judge in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Appointment to Chief member of Korea Beauty Clinics Committee
Import/Export Trade agreement of Semi-permanent machine with 3 foreign countries
2011 Achievement of International Instructor Certificate
New Technology Solo Seminar of Japanese Beautywant JP invitation
Independent contract of One-Handling technique with JLA Association of Japan
Appointment to International judge
Appointment to Consultant in IEDA Organization Management Committee
Lauch of first branch in USA
2010 MOU contract of Eyelash/Semi-permanent with Alebbeauty of Russia
A patent application for New-tech One-Handling technique
Appointment to Consultant of Worldwide Beauty Cultural Industry Trade Assosiation
2009 Launch of Semi-permanent natural pigment brand
Launch of Eyelash extension franchise website
Launch of 3 franchises
2008 Launch of Eyelash brand
Development and investment in Semi-permanent natural pigment
Launch of Eyelash Extension shop
Launch of first franchise in Jangwi district, Seoul, South Korea
2007 Launch of wholesale and retail business for Eyelash/Semi-permanent materials
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